Paris Fashion Week

JUANA MARTIN “The Rose” Collection

True to its origins, Juana Martín’s new collection is inspired by the Andalusian spring, the morning dew, the evening light, the scent of fresh flowers, their colors and late sunsets.
Spring is a great source of inspiration for many artists, particularly in the history of art and painting.
This year marks the 100th anniversary of the famous painting “La Prima” by Julio Romero de Torres de Cordoba.
Andalusian spring arrives in Paris 100 years later with pieces from the designer’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection.

Juana Martín takes a new look at Malaga in her heart.
The collection pays homage to textile craftsmanship, deeply rooted in certain Andalusian cities and visible in various forms throughout the collection.
Brocade textiles with sacred motifs, jewelry made with religious goldwork, basketwork from different contexts, embroidery and crystals reminiscent of morning dew, all plunge us directly into the depths of Andalusian tradition.
“A lot of clothes look pink, even the flowers,” explains the designer.
The collection reflects the light.
The typically Andalusian light that filters through the window lattices, the light that kisses the faces of flamenco on festival days, the light that fills every alley.
Pure light!
Juana Martín stays true to her favorite colors, black and white.
This time, the spring light of Andalusia is overflowing.
Flowing fabrics, lace, silver and other recycled materials bring to life the traditions of this time of year, such as Holy Week, fairs and the flowers that bloom between balcony railings.

Photos by Zebridee for @parisfashionpress –